True meaning behind The Undertaker’s gesture at end of WrestleMania 33

True meaning behind The Undertaker’s gesture at end of WrestleMania 33

An end of an era occurred at WrestleMania 33 earlier this month, as The Undertaker retired from the WWE.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by the company, fans witnessed what is to be believed as the end of The Deadman’s wrestling career when he took off his iconic coat, hat, and gloves and left them in the middle of the ring after he was defeated by Roman Reigns in his final match. The company’s longest tenured in-ring performer and one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time’s career came to an end at that moment, and fans applauded and chanted ‘Thank you Taker’ as he exited the arena for one final time.

Many fans expect The Undertaker to make a return at some point in the future, whether that be when he is finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame or something else entirely, but that might not be the case, according to reports.

Sportskeeda has reported: “Our sources have indicated to us that the gesture at the end of WrestleMania meant more than the end of Mark Calaway’s wrestling career. It, in fact, signified the final end of The Undertaker character on the whole.

 “This means that Calaway will never play The Undertaker character ever again, be it in a segment or at the Hall of Fame.

“Although it will be The Undertaker character that goes into the Hall of Fame (much like it was the Razor Ramon character and not Scott Hall), Mark Calaway will never ever play The Undertaker character again.”

WWE fans will be disappointed that we may have seen The Undertaker perform inside and outside of a WWE ring for the last time, but they’ll be happy with knowing the fact this is the way the man himself, Mark Calaway, wanted The Deadman’s time in the spotlight to end if this to be his final match.


Although there are several dream matches for The Phenom that fans want to see take place at WrestleMania, such as against John Cena, fans will just be happy.  Calaway can now go and sort out his health and retire happily, taking the character of The Undertaker with him, bringing an end to his illustrious career.


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