HEALTHY Family lifestyle

HEALTHY Family lifestyle

Parents should help your children develop positive attitudes toward healthy lifestyles now, and they’ll be more likely to carry healthy habits with them into adulthood. The family that is healthy, is a happy family and they stay together. if you want your family to be healthy and happy, follow this habits…..

Don’t go hungry

For the family to have a healthy weight, you have to eat, not starve yourself. “If you don’t fuel up regularly, you’ll become insatiably hungry, causing the ‘hunger’ hormone, ghrelin, to spike,” The problem is, it takes a half-hour for that hormone to return to normal once you start to eat, but in that 30 minutes you’ll likely have taken in  many more calories from junk food than you bargained for. Children need adults to teach them about foods that are healthy for their bodies as well as to model eating healthy foods. Talking about good nutrition with children can be as simple as explaining the need to eat foods from different food groups to ensure their bodies receive the different vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy. Create menus with your kids that include foods that are healthy and that everyone enjoys. Then, take your kids shopping and let them locate different foods and teach them how to read food labels.

Play together

According to the document 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, children and adults should engage in physical activities for 60 minutes each day. This is especially important for young children and adolescents–to ensure they continue to build strong bones and muscles.

Try activities such as jumping rope and dancing to keep your family excited about exercise. Every family is different so work with yours to create a list of physical activities everyone enjoys doing together, then brainstorm a list of new activities to try, such as bicycling, gardening, basket ball or kicking a soccer ball in the park. As your family thinks of new activities, keep adding them to the list.Choose one or two activities to participate in each day. One simple activity you can do together is to take a walk after dinner. Walking is an excellent way to help digest a meal and strengthen muscles, and it provides an opportunity to share about each other’s day. List the activities on your calendar and mark off each day’s activities together so everyone can look forward to the next day’s activities.

As with any type of exercise you begin, it’s important to consider the ages and current fitness levels of all participants. Then you can work toward increasing the intensity and duration of different activities. For example, during the first week, your family might take 30-minute walks each night after dinner, followed by dancing to your child’s favorite CD in the living room. The next week, increase the time spent walking and pick up the dancing pace a bit.

One way to track your family’s fitness goals is to write them down and put them on the refrigerator or in some other highly visible location. Review your goals periodically. After a goal has been met, set a new goal to work toward. Remember: The most important goal is for all family members to participate in physical activities regularly, so it’s important that any goals you set are attainable and that everyone is motivated to work toward them.

limit TV and video game time

Limit TV and video game time. Instead, encourage family members to spend time using their imagination or working on and accomplishing a project. Accomplishing big goals or even small tasks leads to better physical and mental health and increased self-esteem

Eat dinner together

“I can talk about the importance of nutrients for good health all day. But studies show that if you want your kids to have an appreciation of how precious their bodies are, you can’t beat just sitting down together. This simple ritual of eating together improves not just kids’ eating habits but their grades and willingness to open up to you, too.

“When families come together to eat, they create an emotional harmony that I think is pretty sacred for long-term health.” If evenings don’t work, turn breakfast into your family sit-down instead. Make water your default drink and drink plenty of it. Staying hydrated increases energy

Tell little ones a bedtime story Or talk to older kids about their day.

“That’s the one time that kids let their guard down—when they’re tired and about to go under,”It’s when you hear what’s really on their minds and you can try and impart some knowledge.”Make sure you have a bedtime routine, A good night’s sleep keeps you young. “most adults have lost the ability to sleep, and not getting about seven hours a night can be a contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes,”  Keep your bedroom cool and dark, and nix the technology. If you can’t fall asleep after 15 minutes, don’t beat yourself up; get out of bed and meditate or read to help you relax. A reasonable bedtime is important for the whole family. Not getting enough sleep leads to fatigue, inability to concentrate, fighting and tantrums. It will affect your kids, too.

Have regular sex

Having regular sex can add an extra three years to your life expectancy, Aim for twice a week. “The love that stems from that blissful moment of being in each other’s arms,”is crucial for strengthening your relationship—and your health.”

Give back to the society and pray

Make charity and service a part of your family’s healthy lifestyle. Service is usually an active event, like shoveling an elderly neighbor’s snow, and also promotes, selflessness, gratitude and civic mindedness. Join an organization to provide weekly service, work hard on a large project or just look for little ways to help those around you and acknowlege God.

No matter what you do, if you work together as a family to establish a healthy lifestyle, you’re building the emotional traits that will lead your family to a happier future.

One of the best things you can do for your children today is to help them develop the knowledge and lifestyle habits that will help them live happy and healthy lives tomorrow.





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