Happy Friday

Happy Friday

A Senator said the police took away 2017 budget from his house.

Emeka Onwuka asked :

But if I may ask, what is Nigeria budget doing in a private house?

Anonymous replied : But every one can work from Home.

it is NO crime!


When you buy a phone of N120,000 and a SIM card of N100.

Few days later the phone gets missing n all you can say is “it is not even the phone that is paining me,its the SIM card”.

My dear if i slap you eh,your ancestors will feel Dizzy.
That moment you finally decided to poison your step bro… 😂
And after the meal you keep looking at him and smiling 😂😂😂
And he be like… 😏😏😏
This one you are looking at me and smiling did u see me when I exchanged the food??? 😨😨😨😨😨😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Omo see gobe..



i went to buy Recharge card from One Aboki who sells stuff on my street, when I got there he was arguing with another Aboki, suddenly he turned to me and said {oga abeg shebi na Toothpaste Marry Animal Calling}😨
I have never been so confused in my life I
kept asking him to repeat what he meant but he
kept saying the same thing I was frustrated, I
had to leave them to their argument as I couldn’t be of help. But it kept bothering my mind, what could this guy mean??
After weeks of racking my brain to decipher the
meaning of his statement, Na this morning I
realize wetin the guy dey ask me.

What he was saying was {Oga abeg shebi na 2face Marry Annie Macaulay}😱😂😂😂😂laf was kill me


this is for the blog visitors lol

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